Hello everyone!   

I decided to start a blog where I will cover travels, development of soft skills and some interesting current events/topics. In August 2013 I got a university scholarship to spent 6 months in Mexico City, where I developed a passion to run a blog in order to share my experiences with people. I started a blog back then (http://katarinamatijasevic.blogspot.rs) and published 10 articles about life in one of the biggest cities in the world. I received many positive comments about my writing skills. I knew even back then that one day I will continue with this project. However, as usually happens, life comes in between. So it took me a while to get my focus again on it. The decision is made, in 2016 I’ll keep on working on this so hard!

Today, together with this blog, I’ll run a YouTube Channel where I will publish videos so you can follow me there as well.  The first area and focus of this blog will be on travels: places I’ve visited, what you should do in these places, and my personal experiences with those places. Another area of the blog will be focused on the development of soft skills such us communication and presentation skills, project management, assertive communication, team management etc. Basically, it will help young professionals to develop certain soft skills which are crucial for business environment today and are not  always learned during university education. In addition, I will cover some current events or topics, which will be in a way related to these two topics.

Briefly about me. I’m 26 years old and I’ve lived in Belgrade since 2008. My hometown is Orasac/Arandjelovac where I spent my first 19 years.  I’m employed in an American IT company in a sales department as a Sales Executive. My main responsibilities are to develop a Southeast Asia region and negotiate directly with largest web and mobile properties from that region.

What keeps me going? The Desire to achieve more and the desire to constantly improve myself.  I also enjoy meeting new people and getting the impossible done! I like to think that everything is possible if we believe that and if we do everything to move towards our goals. We need to find a passion that will push us forward in order to achieve more. There aren’t perfect moments, only the moments in present that we can make the perfect ones. 

Be courageous, do what you’re passionate about, put a smile on your face and have fun while you do it.


Ketyy Lady



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